Redundancy consultation is an extremely hot topic right now. There are currently many more redundancies taking place throughout the UK. In light of this, I’ve created this post to confirm some of the ways in which your human resources firm or company can make the whole redundancy process smoother. I’m going to be talking about how you can have it result in happier, more satisfied ex-employees at the end of it all.

What happens when redundancy consultation starts?


The action of making someone redundant causes a variable mix of emotional responses.  From feeling lost, hurt and unwanted to angry, dismissive and vengeful. Another thing they might feel is a little left in the dark.

If a company decides to activate a redundancy consultancy programme, it is worth considering the wider impact of this HR activity. If a business just wants their staff made redundant quickly, then it might need to consider the view points of its current stakeholders, clients and local community.


Protecting your company and brand


Being seen as a ‘culler of people’ can damage a company’s reputation. This can have an outward rippling effect of negativity. 

Stakeholders may become uncomfortable with the way the process has been managed. Clients might not want to be associated with the negativity. They might want to distance themselves from you. The local community might add a strong voice on social media about the negative impact of the redundancy process.

Turning a bad situation into a less painful situation is optimal for everyone. If a company decides to actively help its departing staff move forward with their lives in a positive direction, then the company will be able to successfully market this.


How can Your Start Up Story (YSUS) help?


Your Start Up Story (YSUS) is a 4 week online course, with on-demand expert help from day one. I’ve designed the course to be exclusively for anyone who wants to start a business.  It guides, supports and teaches people on all aspects of the start-up process. 

Other start-up courses tend to focus on an output of generic information, YSUS deep dives into every topic within the start-up process. 

The communication is 2 way. The client does and YSUS edits, expands and feeds back. The course naturally develops to become bespoke and tailored to the client and their new business.

This can help you to gain a real competitive advantage. When you treat people in this fashion, it tends to get noticed. For all the right reasons. While your rivals might be making these key mistakes, you can avoid them.

I will explain more about this in some upcoming posts that I am putting together.


Employment v Self Employment


There will always be the vast majority of people who, having gone through the redundancy consultation period, will want to simply find another job. And that’s fine.

For the minority who want to explore working for themselves, YSUS offers them the chance to turn their passion project into a business.

There lies the answer to making sure a company’s brand is protected. Unless you have been systematically doing this already, it’s something to think carefully about. So why not start this process now. Until you get this right, you risk damaging your brands reputation.

By including YSUS within a redundancy benefits package, departing employees will not only start on a new life journey, but they will be motivated, coached and energised. Right the way through the 4 weeks duration of the course.

When they start generating income from their new business, they will always associate how being made redundant might have been one of the best things that could have happened to them. You can change the emotional response to redundancy.


Want to find out more about how we can help with redundancy consultation?


Visit our main HR Consultants page where we have a host of information and resources to help you. As I have shown, these are vital considerations for your HR firm.

I will write more about this topic soon. But for now, I hope you have enjoyed the post and found it useful.