YSUS is a 4 week, intensive course which expertly guides you and your business through the new start-up process
With 1:2:1, on-demand, expert help from industry professional, Sofia Middleton.

“Believe me when I say you’ll make mistakes when starting up your business, that is a given. The danger is you can spend countless hours on YouTube, Google and trawling the internet for ‘how to’ courses to try and learn what you need to know- spending weeks figuring it all out. With me, you’ll get the templates and knowledge – but unlike other blueprint courses, you’ll get bespoke guidance, handholding and 1:2:1 help all the way.”

Take a look at each of the modules below. When you sign up to YSUS, we will start at the beginning, covering and understanding each topic, thoroughly.


There’s no output of surface level information. We’ll be going through each topic in depth and I’ll be with you all the way, helping you and expanding your existing knowledge base.

Legal, Financial & Admin

In this module we’ll go through writing a Business Plan for your company, registering your company on HMRC, assessing different types of business insurance and contracts to setting up a bank account.  

Your Mission & Vision

This module allows you to read and understand all about Mission and Vision Statements. You’ll then have the aide of a Workbook to help start drafting your own statements.



Creating Your Brand Story

This module includes a guide on branding and brand identity for you to read through and understand.  You’ll then have a workbook to go through and analyse.



Creating Your Website

This is a great, insightful module for anyone who has never clicked on to a Godaddy, Wix or Squarespace web development site.  And what does SEO mean anyway? Don’t worry, we’ll go through it all and expand your knowledge base.



Marketing Your Small Business

You will learn how to create a marketing strategy to ensure that your business stands out and reaches the client base you have identified, and relays the optimum messaging to them to ensure the greatest possible success for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you are a Facebook fiend, a LinkedIn legend or if social media is only slightly more preferable to having your toenails ripped out…I will guide you through how to identify, use and maximise social media channels to launch and promote your business.

Perfect PR


This module will take you through the steps of how to write an effective Press Release, create a relevant Press List and put together a Press Pack for your business.




Launching Your Business

Everything that needs to be in place – this module includes checklists, strategies, plans and templates because failing to plan is planning to fail, and no one wants to experience that.



Pick 'n Mix selection

You may be an expert at financials but do you know how to set up and maximise your social media presence? This module offers business owners the opportunity to pick and choose an online course or range of courses to suit their marketing needs. 

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