Launching a business
This is possibly the scariest but most exciting time for you and your new business start-up.

It’s all about how to blast your business out into the big wide world.

Creating a launch schedule for your new business
Everything needs to be in place before we even start to talk about launching your business.  This module is the very last one and cannot be purchased separately.

Why? Because I need to feel secure that you have been guided through the whole process of setting up your business – from beginning to end.

This module includes checklists, strategies, plans and templates because failing to plan is planning to fail, and no one wants to experience that.

Your launch needs to be targeted to your key audience, using the right platform(s) and delivering the right message.

I’ll be at hand to guide you through this amazing stage – when you and your business blast your message into the Universe.

Using all the information from Your Start Up Story’s 4 week course, you will be in a great position to understand, plan and to implement a planned, strategic launch of your new business.
  • =You will be in a position to take all the strategic commercial and marketing information and adapt it to a create a viable launch plan
  • =Draft out a comprehensive marketing and social media plan
  • =Use elements from the Marketing Mix to fully expose your business to the right audience, on the correct platforms, at the right time and using a budget and schedule that is at is comfortable and viable for you and your business

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