The art of good PR

Learn how to create exciting, measurable and actional public relations campaigns

Public relations is all about securing free editorial in the press. Now this may be online, on TV, radio or in print but, regardless of the form, the process is the same.


There is an art to PR and that is to give journalists, editors and reporters exactly what they are looking for. 

Give an editor all the information they’ll need to write an article on your business, and you’ll increase your chances of appearing in their publication / media slot etc.

Conversely, make their difficult by having to chase you for information and your Press Release will automatically be pushed to the bottom of their file.

PR covers local, regional, national and UK press.  It covers everything from newspapers, magazines (both free and paid for) to TV and Radio.

Securing editorial in any publication is not guaranteed. PR is at the discretion of the publication’s editor.

What goes on in the world around us plays a massive part in whether our editorial will be published.  If there’s a big, national news story then our press release may get bumped down the list.

However, by creating and maintaining good press relations, your chances of gaining PR will be greatly increased.


  • This module will take you through the steps of how to write an effective Press Release, create a relevant Press List and put together a Press Pack for your business.

Perfect PR Module

If you are a small business owner who has always fancied appearing in your local newspaper, the national press or in your favourite monthly glossy magazine, then this module is right up your street.

I’ve helped many a business secure editorial in their top titles from the Daily Mail, OK magazine, Harpers Bazaar to top regional UK titles.