Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business…this one could be a bit of a marmite moment – it’s the fun part for some but for others it feels like a bit of a minefield.

The key is to really drill down into WHAT your business is offering, WHO you are offering it to, and HOW to target them.

What makes your business stand out, not just another pea in the pod?


The course is also perfect for small business owners. Aimed at grass roots levels, Marketing Your Business allows owners to regain control of their marketing activities. 

As one of Business Gateway’s Expert Help team, I spend many hours with small business owners who want to fully understand the principles of marketing so that their company receives the best, strategically led, marketing campaigns.

Most marketing courses apply an output of service level information, whereas YSUS deep dives. This course naturally evolves to become bespoke to you and your business. 

Whether as part of YSUS’s 4 week course which takes you through the business start-up process, or purchased independently, Marketing Your Business has been created by me, Sofia Middleton, a strategic marketing consultant with over 20 years’ industry experience. 


  • =In this programme we delve deep....really deep. From understanding brand identity, creating mission and vision statements, crafting your own brand to building your own bespoke marketing strategy.
  • =This is an awesome module if you're starting out or, if you just need to back track, refresh and restart.
  • =Without establishing the right marketing building blocks. Instead of marketing from a solid concrete base, you could be marketing from a more flimsy foundation.
  • =Which do you think makes more sense when establishing your new business - granite stone pillars or sandcastle structures?

    Marketing Your Business

    This course is naturally included in YSUS’s 4 week online course programme but can be purchased separately.

    As a 2 week course, Marketing Your Business is perfect for small businesses who want to take back the marketing reins and learn/upskill themselves on the lastest techniques on how to market their business more effectively, and strategically.

    Marketing Your Business takes you through all the aspects of commercial marketing – from understanding about marketing strategy to being able to create and implement a strong marketing campaign.

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