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If you’re a small business owner, why not upskill your marketing? I make it personal, bespoke – so it’s relevant to you and your business

Pick ‘n Mix allows you and your business to refresh, upskill and develop new strategies.

Choose whichever module(s) suit your skill development needs and we’ll work together to enhance your existing knowledge, but also introduce you to new tools and techniques. 


These online business courses recognises that people have different skillsets – you may be an expert at financials but do you know how to set up and maximise your social media presence?

  • =Many small business owners understand the need to drive their marketing activities online but doing this by yourself, without experience or direction can be daunting.
  • =Your Start Up Story offers business owners the opportunity to pick and choose an online course or range of courses to suit their marketing needs.
  • =Each module includes reference materials, how-to videos and practical guides but most crucially, it includes an experienced and friendly helping hand to take you through everything - confidently and knowledgeably.
  • =Your Start Up Story - the perfect selection of online marketing courses for new business owners.

    Pick & Mix Your Way To Success

    As a business owner, we always are having to wear lots of hats. Some might not fit as we’d like them to and some are just not our favourite hats to wear.

    This Pick ‘n Mix option allows you to learn and upskill new techniques. Choose 2 independent modules and receive a rather nice discount.


    Start at the Beginning

    When starting out on your journey it seems natural to start at the beginning. However, not many of us do exactly that, we tend to jump in right at the deep end and start creating websites before we’ve even developed our business concept.

    This module guides you through the very first important steps so that your business is able to grow from a concrete set of building blocks.


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    Marketing your Business

    This is a really meaty module. Over the course of 2 weeks you will be taken through the concept of marketing right the way through to creating a marketing strategy and how to develop your strategy into a creative marketing plan which can be executed using a marketing calendar of activities.

    This is a great course for any business owner to take control over their businesses marketing activities.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing has to be strategic. Understanding the demographics of each platform and what elements are needed to really maximise your social media activities. This module is aimed at grass roots level and goes through all the main social media platforms and how to use them efficiently and effectively.

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    Perfect PR

    Public Relations is all about securing free editorial within the press. This module takes you through the steps of how to write an effective press release, how to put together a journalist-friendly press pack and how to make sure your story is newsworthy.

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