Social media marketing

Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing, whether you are a Facebook fiend, a LinkedIn legend or if social media is only slightly more preferable to having your toenails ripped out.

Social media can sometimes be overwhelming

This module will guide you through how to identify, use and maximise social media channels to launch and promote your business.


This module perfect for new business owners who know how to use social media on a personal level, but need to learn how to adapt and use different platforms for commercial purposes.

As one of Business Gateway’s Expert Help Consultants, I teach and deliver workshops on how to write engaging content for your social media marketing.

As any marketing activity, there has to be a reason, a goal, an objective to social media marketing.  It’s not just putting ‘stuff’ out there. Your business needs the right people to see a message that they want to engage with.

In this module will go through everything from choosing the correct platforms, registering & populating each one correctly. Platforms include LinkedIN, Instagram and Facebook but if there is one (Twitter, Tik Tok etc) that you’d prefer to focus, then that’s fine!

It’s a great course for start-ups but also for business owners who find social media marketing all a bit much. By understanding and mastering the art of good content, your social media marketing will be more efficiently planned and executed.

Using a series of bitesize clips, reference guides and practical exercises you will emerge at the end of this module feeling confident and ready to get your business out there!

  • =Swiping merrily away in your own time, for personal use is very different from a goal driven, strategy focused, commercial social media marketing strategy.
  • =Gone are the days when you could post a pic, add comment and insert ten thousand hashtags underneath it.
  • =Posting is now ALL about telling a story to engage your audience.

Elevate & Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Small business owners are able to purchase this 2 week Social Media Marketing course, independently from YSUS’s 4 week start up course.

It makes so much more sense not to struggle with social media marketing and this course will take all the trouble and strive away from it.

Download the Social Media Marketing Info Pack for a detailed breakdown of the course content.

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