Your Business Brand Story

Creating a brand for your start-up business.

If you’re working to develop your first brand identity, it’s important to first understand what a brand is and what it takes to create one. 

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as giving the business a name and plastering it on everything.

Crafting your own story

Creating a brand is like giving your new business it’s own story book. 

We carve out a message of what we want people to know what we stand for, we give our story images and colours.

Successful brands do evolve their branding. Take Apple for example, their branding has morphed into today’s strong brand image and message – from a rainbow colour apple, into the slick monochrome apple shape.


  • This module includes a guide on branding and brand identity for you to read through and understand. You'll then have a workbook to go through and analyse.

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