What should you expect during your 4 week business course?

When you sign up to YSUS’s start-up course, you receive all the Guides, Workbooks & How-to videos. But most importantly, you’ll have on-demand access to industry professional, Sofia Middleton.

At Your Start Up Story, we approach learning in a different way.

It’s all very well being given  the guides and workbooks to read through and complete, but how do you know that the information you’ve added is right?

What happens if you’ve been too generic with your goals and completely glossed over your direct target market? 


At Your Start Up Story, we approach learning in a different way.

During YSUS’ 4 week course, I will expand and develop your workbooks so that your knowledge base is massively increased and the start-up topic is enhanced. But most importantly, each topic within the start-up lifecycle naturally becomes tailored and bespoke to you and your business.

Here is a summary of what you should expect to go through:

  • NLearning how to create a detailed, fully comprehensive Business Plan, right from the start to the very end.
  • NUnderstanding the legal and financial obligations of owning a business
  • NSignposting to all the appropriate legal and financial platforms for registration and downloading of relevant information
  • NUnderstanding all the administrative duties that a new business owner needs to take on, with signposting to website for creating the necessary contracts and admin templates your business needs to have in order for it to be fully supported.


    Meet Sofia and watch her explain what makes YSUS so effective in this 4-min video.

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