Have you recently re-trained?

Congratulations! You must be itching to expand & grow into your new kingdom

Refresh & Restart

Changing professions or re-training within your existing job is so exciting. Breathing new life into your professional world is incredibly revitalising.


Your business is your baby

I always describe owning your own business as a little like having your own child. 

From the minute it breaths, you want to do your very best for your baby. You want to nurture, love and educate it so that your baby receives the best and becomes the very best.

And this is so true for you and your new business. You’ll want to provide your business with all the right tools, the right information and the right advice. You’ll want to market and promote it to the very best of your ability.

This is what YSUS provides for you and your business.

Sign up, receive 4 free hours of expert help after the course has finished and you will be giving your business the best start in life. 


  • Your Start Up Story guides you through all the steps included within the new business start-up process.
  • NWe start at the beginning with Writing Your Own Business Plan
  • NWe go through the legal, financial and admin responsibilities of running a business
  • NAnd then we go through creating a brand for your business
  • NBefore launching into everything there is to know about how to market your small business (strategy, marketing planning, social media marketing, PR, tele-marketing etc)
  • NAnd then we learn all about digital marketing so that you will be in an informed position to start planning for the promotional launch of your new business.

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